Below is an email from our local councillors asking for our views in respect of Alcohol and Public Entertainment Licensing. It would be a shame not to give them, always assuming you don’t mind wading through a 42 page document first (want to know what your council tax is being spent on, well, here’s a large slice of it) or you can speed read:

Lambeth is in the process of updating the borough’s alcohol and public entertainment Licensing Policy (click through to see detail) and want to make sure it best reflects the borough and your neighbourhood’s needs.
Our consultation is underway (click to access, should take 5 minutes) and will have an impact on your neighbourhood – we want as broad a range of opinions as possible, yours included.
With new powers available to better manage the sale of alcohol, late night entertainment and refreshments, we’re looking to ensure that:

·         Types of licensed premises are appropriate to their location in the borough;

·         All licensed premises act responsibly and in partnership with their communities; and

·         People are able to enjoy Lambeth’s night time economy safe from harm.

You will be able to comment on what are appropriate times in your local streets and what sort of venues you think are acceptable so please take the time to comment.
Licensing affects all of our streets in some way and as such it is essential that everyone has the opportunity to comment. While we of course want to hear from you, it would also be incredibly helpful if you could encourage your friends, neighbours and local community groups to take part.

Thank you and best wishes

Jack and Jane