Following representations to Lambeth Council (or the co-operative council as I believe they now tag themselves, although recent events would suggest that word association is unfortunate) it looks as if double yellow lines will replace the bollards at the South Lambeth Road end of Langley Lane, from South Lambeth Road to Langley Mansions. This is as a result of the indiscriminate parking by clubbers and contributors to Vauxhall’s ‘night-time economy’ which means that the exit from Langley Lane is frequently blocked. It’s to be hoped that the yellow lines, due to go down end-March, will be enforced, and that the situation isn’t just exacerbated by the removal of the bollards. If it is, we will make yet more representations to the co-operative council. We are also pressing for the reinstatement of the paving wrecked by the contractors who built the student accommodation block next to Langley Mansions.

Unfortunately, and tedious though it is, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.