Starbucks have applied to operate a late night (read 24 hour) refreshment venue (read coffee shop) at 2 South Lambeth Place, SW8 1SP. Well, why not, every other business/bar/food outlet/mini-mart and club in Vauxhall’s got one, why should Starbucks be left out. It’s not like they don’t pay (voluntary) taxes to help sustain this wonderful country of ours. And this could be the break they’re looking for in their protracted drive to finally turn their UK operation into a profit centre.

Anyway, the hearing is scheduled for 24th March 2014.

LSC Hearing Notice representors


 Attached (above) are pamphlets detailing the hearing process should you want to attend. It’s always a fun night out, listening to some of the nonsense spouted by the other applicants applying for, or more usually trying to hang onto, their licenses. And it’s free, so what more could you ask for? The lady handling this laugh-a-minute knock-about entertainment spectacle, and the person to whom you should forward your application to attend the hearing is:
Mrs Esther F. Jones
Licensing Officer
London Borough of Lambeth
Housing Regeneration and Environment
Blue Star House, 5th Floor
234-244 Stockwell Road
London SW9 9SP
Tel:- – 0207 926 6144