From the website of the Nine Elms Partnership comes this (those of you who are in favour of retaining the Bus Station, please don’t read the penultimate paragraph):


We have an ambitious vision to recreate Vauxhall as the living town centre it once was.  Instead of a congested traffic gyratory system, the area will be transformed by the creation of a recognisable ‘heart of Vauxhall’ with new walkways lined with shops, more jobs, a variety and choice of new homes and places for people to enjoy.

As recently as the 19th century this thriving neighbourhood boasted homes, businesses, shops, schools and a railway station alongside the river and a mere 10 minutes walk from the Houses of Parliament.

Once again Vauxhall will become a gateway to the city and a modern, characterful district centre noted for high quality buildings, exemplary streets and spaces and convenient and well managed public transport.

The restoration of a High Street and proposals for a Civic Town Square as a potential venue for community and cultural events are at its heart.  This will be an area of mixed uses, both within the streets and within the buildings themselves where distinctive retail businesses will reflect a strong sense of established and emerging local character.

The historic neighbourhoods of Old Paradise Street, Black Prince Road and Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens are interesting distinctive destinations to visit. The area’s beautiful green spaces including Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, Pedlar’s Park and Vauxhall Park provide a network of open spaces linking through to the new Nine Elms linear park and Battersea Park beyond.

The railway arches, so long a barrier, will be brought to life to provide space for new business, community and cultural uses, as well as being opened up to allow for footpaths and cycleways.

High density, tall buildings of high quality will form a cluster around Vauxhall Cross, with particular attention paid to design at ground level to ensure they contribute to creating a memorable and attractive place.

The new infrastructure will be of an excellent standard adding to a renewed sense of place and pride. A new underground station, a refurbished rail station at Vauxhall and a new two form entry primary school as well as health facilities will be provided.

Transport and the management of Vauxhall Cross as an effective interchange remains essential, but the bus station will be replaced with a series of relocated bus stops, facilitating efficient bus routes to and through the area. Improvements will result in a much more pedestrian-friendly environment and better access throughout the entire area.

Our vision for Vauxhall builds on its heritage but is also about providing exemplary modern and sustainable facilities. Once again Vauxhall will be a gateway to the city and a modern, characterful district centre.  The railway arches, the river, the historic neighbourhoods and green spaces, along with existing communities, will all play their part in the re-emergence of Vauxhall as a central London destination.

Find out more on Lambeth Council’s website.

Vauxhall SPD Illustrative layout