It’s all happening in Langley Lane at the moment. At one end, the Bonnington Square piazza is nearly finished. At the other, next to South Lambeth Road, the wrecked pavement (wrecked by developers that is) has been torn up, along with the bollards which our ever watchful council (i.e it noticed when we asked them to pay a visit) decided were too close to the road and didn’t give pedestrians enough room to pass. Well I know the incidences of obesity in the UK are increasing almost exponentially but I’ve never seen anyone have to shimmy or squeeze past the bollards on their way to the gyratory. No matter, they’re gone, and they are due to be replaced by a nice new pavement (we hope, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of tons of tarmac dumped there) together with double yellow lines. The council are adamant that it will enforce these yellow lines, which should mean that illegally parked clubbers who obstruct the exit from Langley Lane will soon be taking home substantial parking fines along with their hangovers, dodgy haircuts and bad fashion.