In order to deal with the disturbance and antisocial behaviour in our local streets from the nighttime economy, Lambeth Council are introducing an Experimental Traffic Order to make our controlled parking zone times (CPZ) 24/7 in Vauxhall Grove, Bonnington Square, Langley Lane and Lawn Lane. It will go live before 01 April for a period of 18 months and it is worth noting:

  • A resident can only lodge a formal objection to an experimental traffic regulation order once it is in force. Objections may be made to the order being made permanent within six months of the day that the experimental order comes into force. If the experimental order is changed, then objections may be made within six months of the day that this happens.
  • Enforcement will be in line with the existing on-street parking enforcement in other controlled areas. Lambeth Council will use their existing enforcement provider, NSL, to carry out the enforcement and all challenges will go through their existing statutory process to ensure that both enforcement and review of any challenges received is fair.
  • All resident car owners will still have to purchase a resident’s parking permit. Residents can purchase up to 50 visitor vouchers p.a. for guests and service companies. Visitor vouchers are £5 each or £22 for a book of 5.

Paying for visitor parking permits during the extended hours is a downside, but, by doing so, we are supporting and showing solidarity with our neighbours who suffer disturbance both overnight and during the day from clubbers and cabs.

This measure is community-safety driven and funded and Cllr Jane Edbrooke sums it up by saying:

“We will be using an Experimental Traffic Order and will then have 18 months to undertake a full resident consultation on permanently extending the CPZ – a ‘try before you buy’ approach shall we say! This will allow us to gauge the impact this change has had on ASB and residents.”