Counter opens today, next to Sainsbury’s in South Lambeth Place, serving ‘French and American inspired contemporary food’. Looks okay, if a little pricey for this part of town. 50% off all food until 10th February. Maybe they’re trying to match their prices to the latest house price reports. Or in anticipation of the arrival of the Americans in a couple of years. Anyway, I’m going on Monday with the toughest food critic I know – my thirteen year old daughter. Best review I’ve ever had from her after having slaved over a stove for two hours preparing a fancy dinner was “You can make that again”. I’ll be reporting back with her comments on Tuesday. Counter, you have been warned. She takes no prisoners. And you’d better have a few bottles of 7 Up or Lilt behind the bar, or she’ll be merciless with her comments.

Here’s the link to their web page:

And here’s their menu: