24/7 (Almost) Controlled Parking Zone – Probably Arriving In April

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For those of you wondering whatever happened to the planned eighteen-month experimental 24/7 CPZ for Vauxhall Grove, Bonnington Square, Lawn Lane and Langley Lane, it has been approved by Lambeth Council and it is on its way. It is likely to be implemented this month (April), with the times being 12 midnight to 8:30 am. This is on top of the current CPZ restrictions. It means that daytime parking on Saturday and Sunday after 8:30 am will remain free. Local residents wanting permits for visitors for restricted periods will be able to buy a book of them from Lambeth Parking at, I believe, £4.00 for each single permit.

Hopefully this will much reduce/eliminate the anti-social behaviour experienced by Langley Lane and Vauxhall Grove residents in particular as a result of clubbers parking their cars, and often subsequently partying in/next to them, and worse, Thursday through Monday.

Lambeth will be writing to all local residents to confirm the implementation date in the next few weeks.

Junk Mail

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If you’re getting tired of receiving Junk Mail (and I know I am), usually delivered by the Royal Mail Postie, then you might want to stop it by completing and sending off this Freepost Opt Out Application

The Postie will be happy – less rubbish to carry. And you’ll be happy – it will unclog your mail box. Although Royal Mail won’t be happy, they make more money from delivering unsolicited mail than they do from the official postal delivery. Oh well, can’t please everyone…………


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