It’s been a while since this blog was last updated – too long. Well, we’ll put that right by starting with some very cheery update news. We now own our freehold. Totally. Completely. Lock stock and barrel. No more ground rent. No more OTT insurance premiums. No more, well, other iffy stuff. The new freeholder is The Academy Vauxhall Limited, aka all 55 of us!

Here are the recent letters sent to the leaseholders from our solicitors, Bishop & Sewell, and our managing agents, Lewis & Tucker. And for good measure, our previous freeholder, Pier, confirming their departure.

Bishop & Sewell – Solicitors

Lewis & Tucker – Managing Agents

Pier – former Freeholder

No doubt there will still be work to do in future months, but in the meantime, sit back and relax, we did it!