About Our Residents’ Association

The Academy comprises the Old School and the West Wing and two houses.


Address:  The Academy, 20 Lawn Lane, London SW8 1GA

The Residents’ Association

Q What is The Residents Association?

A The Residents Association aims to maintain and  improve the safety, security and appearance of the Academy and enhance the quality of life for residents. We provide a single point of contact for outside agencies, principally our Managing Agents (Lewis and Tucker) and the freeholder (represented by Pier).

Q Who can join?

A Any Tenant or Leaseholder

Q How much does it cost to join?

A £10 p.a., payable to ‘The Academy Residents Association.’ Forms from the Membership Secretary (Martin Popplewell, flat 13).

Q Who sits on the Residents Association Committee?

  • Robert Baker – Chairman (flat 38) robertbkr@aol.com
  • Robert Harwood – Secretary (flat 27) (Robert.harwood@O2.com)
  • Martin Popplewell – Representative – Membership (flat 13) (martin.popplewell@coconutcommunications.tv)
  • Paige Iversen – Representative – (Flat 11) (paige.iversen@gmail.com)
  • Terry O’Neill – Representative (flat 54) (terryoneill100@gmail.com)

January 2016

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