Useful Information – The Academy

The Academy comprises the Old School and the West Wing and two houses.


Address:  The Academy, 20 Lawn Lane, London SW8 1GA

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Access to tweets from @academyvauxhall is protected. Access will be by permission only, open to all Academy residents on request. Followers will receive automatic notification of any changes to and blog postings on the Academy website.


Q Who is the Porter?

A Santigie Kamara.

Q How do I contact him?

A Santigie can be found Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm in the foyer of the main building (the ‘new’ block.) Use him as your first port of call.

T: 07869421515.


The Managing Agents – Lewis and Tucker Management (16 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 2RF)

Q What do Lewis and Tucker Management do?

A They handle the maintenance of The Academy on behalf of the freeholder and the leaseholders.

Q Who do I contact?

A Mark Guy, Property Manager, Lewis and Tucker Management.

T: 02073232321
T: 07000232321 (in case of emergencies outside 9:30am to 6:30pm)
F: 02073232322
W: under development

Freeholder – The Academy Vauxhall Limited – i.e. YOU!


Financial Issues

Service Charges

Q What are the service charges?

A Actual charges vary by individual property, in line with cubic footage, as detailed in your leasehold agreement. The charges are invoiced twice a year by Lewis and Tucker Management in January and July to cover maintenance costs for The Academy, both internal and external. Details of the costs are included with the invoice.

Freehold Charges

Q What are the freehold charges?

A None. Currently none, with no plans to impose any. Flats 1-55 all have shares in the Freeholder, The Academy Vauxhall Limited.

Buildings Insurance

Q What are the buildings insurance charges?

A The actual charge varies annually dependant on claims incurred and the rate achieved by Lewis and Tucker on behalf of The Academy Vauxhall Limited. Full cover is in place.

Q With whom do we have buildings insurance cover?

A Covea. Full cover is in place and can be viewed here:

Certificates- feb 17 to feb 18

Policy Schedule

Q Who do I contact if I believe that I have a legitimate claim?

A Lewis and Tucker.

Q What is the period of insurance cover?

A 1st March to end-February.


Q Who is the energy provider?

A Anyone you like, they all seem to be equally outrageously expensive.

Q How do I read my meters?

A Ask Santigie, he will either give you access to the meters  for your flat, or he will read the meters for you and text the readings to you if you prefer.

Maintenance Issues


Q Who do I call if there are issues with the lifts?

A Santigie, or Mark at Lewis and Tucker.

Q Can I leave personal property, mats, bikes, pushchairs etc. in the communal hallways?

A No, all hallways must be kept clear, as detailed in the individual lease agreements.

Q I burnt the toast and have set off the smoke alarm! How can I reset it without causing a mass evacuation?

A The reset panels are in the lobbies of both the Lawn Lane and Old School entrances. See the attached details to reset the Fire and Smoke Alarm (Fire_Smoke Alarm Reset Procedure)  You have only two (2!) minutes to do this. Resetting procedures are attached to this Q&A.

Q What do I do if there is a genuine alarm caused by smoke or a fire?

A Evacuate your flat immediately. Use the stairs. Gather in Lawn Lane.

Q What do I do if any of the lights in the common areas fail?

A Call Santigie, he will replace bulbs quickly, or he will call an electrician if the fault lies elsewhere


Car Wash Facilities

Q Can I wash my car in The Academy car parks?

A There is a water tap by the window of flat 37 near the Lawn Lane car park exit. However there is no external electricity point.


Q Where can I leave my bicycle?

A In either the Langley Lane bicycle shed, which is next to the rubbish area, or the Lawn Lane bicycle cage, which is next to the pedestrian gate.Santigie has the entry codes for both. Bicycles should not be left in communal areas nor transported in the lifts.


Q Are the gates secure?

A Relatively. Codes for the car park gates and the pedestrian gates can be obtained from Santigie. These codes are changed regularly and all residents will be given advance notice. However, the gates can be and sometimes are forced open by non-residents. They are magnetic and whilst they are not quite state of the art we have recently had them upgraded. Please ensure that gates are fully closed on exit, and inform Santigie if you see them being forced open.


Q Where can I park?

A Within the Academy car parks, parking is restricted to owners of parking bays only. Parking in communal areas is not permitted, either for motor vehicles or motorbikes/scooters.

Q Can I park in the surrounding streets?

A Parking for motor vehicles /motor bikes/scooters in the Lambeth Controlled Parking Zones bays is restricted to Lambeth residents. Permits can be obtained from the Kennington Parking shop at Lambeth Towers, 74-80 Kennington Road, London SE11 6NJ, or the Brixton Customer Centre at:
Olive Morris House
18 Brixton Hill
London SW2 1RD

Information in respect of motor vehicles can be found here:

Information in respect of motor bikes/scooters can be found here:

Visitor parking permits can also be obtained from the Kennington Parking Shop or the Brixton Customer Centre.

The main telephone number for all parking permits is 020 7926 9000, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Rubbish Areas

Q Where are the communal rubbish areas?

A Next to the Langley Lane exit. Residents are reminded to place all rubbish in sacks in the dumpsters, NOT on the floor of the rubbish area forSantigie to clean up. Rubbish should be placed in the recyclable/non-recyclable dumpsters as appropriate, otherwise Lambeth Cleaning will NOT empty the dumpsters.

Q What do I do with large/bulk items, is there a collection service?
A Yes. Contact Lambeth Service Centre on 020 7926 9000. Details can be found here:

Window Cleaning

Q Do we have window cleaning facilities?

A Yes, external window are cleaned periodically.Santigie will post notices to ensure that residents are aware to close all windows. Any residents who would like to have their balconies cleaned should adviseSantigie so that they can make private arrangements with the window cleaners.


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