Academy Maintenance – Completed and Scheduled

Maintenance Actions Completed June/July 2013

  • Old School Block Entrance/Corridor:
    • Prints/notice board hung.
    • Additional carpet runner acquired.
    • Walls painted.
  • Perimeter Fencing /Gates:
    • Anti-climb paint renewed and extended in Langley Lane.
    • Fencing upgraded/made more secure from external access.
    • Additional magnets added to Lawn Lane/Langley Lane pedestrian gates.
    • Long standing issues with Lawn Lane pedestrian security fobs resolved – you can now use your fob to enter via Lawn Lane.
    • Lawn Lane pedestrian gate activated internally via fob only.
    • Car park keypad codes changed.
  • Throughout:
    • Emergency telephones activated in both lifts – previously they weren’t working.
    • CCTV replaced.
    • Smoke vents serviced – to be repeated on a regular basis.
  • Bin and Bike Sheds:
    • Replaced door to bike shed with secure all-steel version.
    • Replaced doors to bin area with  all-steel versions.

Maintenance Actions Completed 2014

    • Bicycle Sheds upgraded, new bicycle racks installed and old racks removed in both sheds. Security improved.
    • Carpets replaced throughout

Maintenance Actions Completed 2017

  • Car park markings repainted

Maintenance Actions Completed 2018

  • Ground floor common parts redecorated throughout.

Maintenance Actions Scheduled 2018

  • Upgrades to external security.


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