Academy Summer BBQ – It’s A Date

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Just a reminder. It’s happening. Again. This time 3rd August, 12:00 – 15:00 (or sometime later that day when the drink runs out). In the courtyard between the new and old buildings.

Check out the flier and let us know if you will be attending and whether you will be bringing a starter or dessert ( or

Summer BBQ Flyer 2014





Free Film Fun For Folks Feeling, err, Film Fanciful (phew!)

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Vauxhall Village Presents Summer Screen 2014

A bit late, again, with this (note to self, ‘get a grip’) but the first two viewings have been well attended. And it’s free, so what’s not to like? Arrive at 7:00 pm to secure your spot; films begin when the sun goes down (around 9:00 pm dependent on cloud coverage) SE11 5HY




Grab a blanket and head to the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens for some free film fun!
This summer Vauxhall Village are bringing 6 free pop-up cinema screenings to the historic Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

Following on from our successful summer, winter and Valentines screenings – Vauxhall Village presents is back with a free outdoor cinema experience like no other. With films ranging from pop-culture classic Mean Girls to laugh out loud comedy Alan Partridge; Alpha Papa, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Vauxhall Pleasure Garden’s is right in the heart of Vauxhall, secluded enough to enjoy the film in peace but with great transport links to stumble home afterwards. Bring a blanket from home or hire one for just £2.50, and snuggle up with your loved ones under the stars on a summer night. You can also rent a Vauxhall Village deck chair for £5 to watch the film in true luxury; with every deck chair we’ll give you a free bag of Propercorn, because nothing goes better with a film than tasty popcorn.

Along with Propercorn, refreshments will be available to buy from our on-site Kopparberg bar and if you fancy something to eat, there will also be a smorgasbord of London top street food vendors.

Bring your friends, bring your boyfriend, bring your nan, or just bring yourself and enjoy a free film in peace on a warm Tuesday evening (we hope, we can’t make promises on the weather – this is England)!

Tuesday 3rd June – Best in show (12) ‘satirical cult classic about a dog show in America’

Tuesday 10th June – Mean Girls (12a) ‘The fetchest high school comedy’

Tuesday 17th June – Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (15) ‘Arguably Norwich’s best export gets his own film’

Tuesday 8th July – Slumdog Millionaire (15) ‘Vauxhall Village have teamed up with the Big Dance week to enjoy Bollywood dancing workshops before the film’

Tuesday 15th July -This Is Spinal Tap (15) ‘Classic mockumentary about legendary British rock band Spinal Tap’

Tuesday 22nd July- The Big Lebowski (18) ‘Cohen brothers cult classic and everyone’s favourite bowling movie’



A PR Punt For The People? Nine Elms Partnership Open Days, 26th and 27th June.

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I’m a bit late with this info, mainly because the cynic in me knows that the Nine Elms Partnership’s Open Days are just a big PR exercise so that the perpetrators can say that they consulted with the public. Twitter quotes from the recent Embassy Gardens presentations and attributed to @LFArchitecture such as “we looked at other city’s with memorable skylines to work out how to make the Vauxhall cluster work” (and then ignored it, obviously) and “London is an exemplar for co-ordinated site line planning and transport planning, no other city does it” made me unsure as whether to laugh or cry, but both were matched and I think bettered by @LFArchitecture’s “Getting all the developers to work together (hmm, I must have missed that when I went for a coffee) to deliver the linear park (no, I don’t know what one of those is either) is one of the defining features for the area”. That, and a complete disregard for anyone already living in the area. It’s already impossible to see the sun when driving or walking along Nine Elms Lane as a result of the aesthetically appalling high rise developments, including the American Embassy, designed no doubt to withstand a nuclear attack. But, hey ho, more to come and big dividends for all involved. As Private Eye would say, “trebles all round”.

Like I say, cynical old me. Just disregard my comments. Some of you might actually love this stuff. I just think that, much as we do now when reflecting on the barbaric architectural failures of the 1960’s, we’ll look back in years to come and weep at the lost opportunity for genuine regeneration that would have actually benefited London and Londoners, rather than the rich, the filthy rich and the absolutely rolling in it. None of whom will ever reside here for more than three weeks a year.

Anyway, here’s the link. Make up your own minds. It’s the top one. The bottom one is actually a cartoon, although it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes:


Throw Out The Old, Bring In The New

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Carpets that is. New carpets throughout for the corridors of the Old School block (35-55). Old carpet to be removed Tuesday 3rd June, new carpets to be fitted 4th-6th June. Joy!

New carpets scheduled for the New Block (1-34),  hopefully in July.

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